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Nice to see you! You have already made the first step to finding the perfect Wedding DJ. I work in Cheshire as a Wedding DJ Cheshire and cover all of Cheshire Including WA, CH and CW Postcodes including, Alderly Edge. Audlem. Chester. Congleton. Crewe. Delamere. Frodsham. Helsby. Knutsford. Macclesfield. Nantwich. Nether Alderly. Sandbatch. Shocklach. Styal. Tarporley. Warrington, and Widness plus all the others not named.

The DJ Richard Porter Experience

Weddings don’t have to be boring, Wedding DJs don’t have to just play music, Wedding Entertainment isnt all about Singers and Bands, It all starts with people like myself and we are few and far between.
Wedding DJ Cheshire Wedding DJ Cheshire Wedding DJ Cheshire Nobody Ever Regreted Buying quality Small
How it all begins, We sit down with a coffee and discuss what your dreams are! What your vision for your event will be and your objectives. Then I explain how I would fit into the scenario and what I can do to make your event unique and special to you.

Wedding DJ Cheshire

Setting your expectations, fortunately for me 99% of my Bride and Grooms expectations of a Wedding DJ Cheshire are pretty low in comparison to my abilities, and very easy for me to accommodate, such as play-list selection, equipment being presentable, insurance, “professionalism” and playing good music.

After years of experience most DJ’s say “being a Wedding DJ Cheshire is easy!” I always thing being a Wedding DJ Cheshire is only easy if your not doing a very good job. The difference is I care, I care about the same things that you do. I want to give you everything and more, I want you and your guests to take away with them at the end of the night thinking wow that wedding reception was special and all taking a different memory of what was special about it to them.

With myself those come as standard and are not the main things that I would worry about on an event. the way I create the atmosphere every single one of your guests will have a great time. What I like to achieve is the little things, the entertainment planning, making you and your bridal party feel special and apart of the reception, the boring parts of the day/night and how to make them more interesting and engaging, the traditions of a Wedding which is all but forgotten, the venues dont do it, the photographers dont do it, DJ’s dont do it (because quite simply they have not done any research on the matter) but I can explain them all to you and if you like the sound of them. I CAN DO IT.

Wedding DJ Cheshire

Without meaning to teach a goose to suck eggs, if you just have a look at the timings to an event, we can see a bit more about what I mean. Not going into the mayhem at your house getting ready with hairdressers and beauty and the photographer trying to do his thing all day but just what most of your guests see.

Wedding Ceremony – 1 hour
Wedding Breakfast – 2 hours
Speeches 5 mins – 2 hours (depends on what dad has wrote)

Wedding Disco Requirement – 5-6 hours.

So the disco and the entertainment is pretty important just based on times, but it is one of the things that is forgotten and not really put much thought or care into. Its usually the cheapest DJ is the best right! were all the same! I like to be different, and Love to do a great job.

To Learn WHY I became a wedding specialist and what might be achieved on you big day if you let it please read this.

Next step call now, see if I am free for your date, I choose only do 40-45 weddings per year and will not take on another Wedding the day before your event as they take so much out of me.

Wedding DJ Cheshire is brought to you by DJ Richard Porter please contact, Mobile 07792 233440 For more information on Pricing please click here

Wedding Suppliers in the Cheshire Area, who I would recommend and have worked with on Previous Events.

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