Wedding DJ Cumbria – Langdale Chase Hotel Windermere

Wedding DJ Cumbria

Todays tale of events are from the new Nik and Catherine Reynolds. I was booked as there Wedding DJ Cumbria and they were getting at the Langdale Chase Hotel in Windermere.

Wedding DJ Windermere

Nik first got in touch through the Wedding DJ Alliance, of which I am a member of, and in the Cubria area, I am the only DJ that covers this area and is apart of the Alliance. Its a group of professional Wedding DJs who adhere to the terms of customer services and practices in the Wedding Industry as an attempt to regulate the DJ marketplace and raise standards overall.

Nik was very happy with my attitude towards his wedding and booked me accordingly. We did not have much conversation before the event, but I always contact everyone a couple of weeks before the event. Nik was asking his guests to forward a song that they would like to hear, which constituted my wedding DJ playlist for the evening.

The playlist came which was ok, it had quite a few tracks from the same artist which I was not going to get time to play but apart from that it was a very workable list for a Wedding DJ Cumbria.

With the Langdale Chase Hotel its a funny set up, All the guests have there meal in the function room at the back, which leads onto a conservatory, and next to a bar area. At the other side of the building is the Great Hall which is where I was to set up.

I foresaw the problem before I even started the night. People would not move from the main function room, Bar area and conservatory area to come round half the building to dance, The Bar area could just about hear me, the conservatory and Function Room could not, and there was nothing I could do about it. It was pretty loud in the Great Hall and turning it louder would not have been an acceptable level for people dancing in my room.

Once we got a group of dancers in the room, I managed to keep them every time BUT with dancefloors there is always customer rotation, toilet/bar/rest. So once I lost my dancers after an hour, no fresh faces came through. So I went to investigate, once through to the other rooms I realised that they just could not hear me. So I went to have a chat with Nik and Catherine, they said to me its fine there family’s are not massive dancers and it was ideal. Just the right music, at the right level and everyone was having a great time. I was doing a great job as a Wedding DJ Cumbria.

All throughout the night periodically a group would come through, I would keep them dancing and the off they went to the bar.

The Bride and Groom and guests had a great night and all loved me, but I could not help feeling like a spare part. I am never satisfied with an evening unless the dance floor has been packed for the event. Thats my job and thats what I try and achieve. but with people being in different rooms, some out of noise range we just could not create the atmosphere we usually do to create a great evening.

However for the Bride and Groom they were more than happy with myself and thanked me at the end of the night for a great job. So I walked away with another Job satisfied to a high standard. Just a pity I could not create the atmosphere I so rely on to keep the dance floor boogieing all night.

When you want a Wedding DJ Cumbria who makes sure he trys his best to give you a great night get in contact with me on the numbers above.