Wedding DJ Prices

Wedding DJ Prices

First off let me start with, Its hard to Ray Ban Outlet give you a price on the internet for weddings. I need to visit you at your home, or wedding venue to truly understand what it is you want. Some Bride and Grooms know exactly what it is they are looking for, and some have no idea, either way I could provide you with ideas from previous events and there cheap MLB Jerseys requirements. I can show you what you could have, which I can action and plan it to perfection with you. From that I can create your Bespoke Wedding DJ wholesale nfl jersyes Prices.

Second is your mind set! Where are you?

Are you thinking, A DJ just plays music and pushes buttons, plays a few songs and everyone has there fingers crossed it will be a ray ban sale good night and people might actually dance.

If that is where you are, I would like to show you how its done, when we sit down and have a cup of tea or coffee.

Wedding DJ Cost

A Wedding DJ and Host is so much more, or it can be if you will let it!
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I understand weddings, the traditions, what goes into them and the emotional impact of all the parties involved. I can help in many more ways than you might think and make sure all these emotional aspects of your wedding are catered for so much so it will end up as a experience you and your guests truly will never forget, if you will allow me.

Wedding DJ Prices

A DJ just plays music right? Nope, a DJ who does it badly will oakley sunglasses sale do that, and unfortunately you might never have seen a DJ do it right and have anything to compare me to. Which is back to my second point so many DJs do it wrong you have and abundance of wedding guests and couples not actually seeing how its meant to be done. I wont beat up the little guy too much, who is untrained, uneducated, and has never learned his role properly. I am sure they play great music provide an OK disco and get some of the guests dancing, I just provide so much more to enhance the wedding disco experience, hence why my wedding DJ prices are higher than others.

If you look at the day and times set aside for each aspect of your wedding day itself, at the venue so ignoring all the mayhem at the Brides House, in the cars, and photographic time.

The Wedding Ceremony Lasts 1 hour (roughly)
The ฉบับภาษาไทย Wedding Breakfast Lasts 2 hours (roughly)
In between everything which we call dead time 2-4 hours (roughly)
The Speeches Last – well between 5 mins and 2 hours dependent on what the Best man and Dad has wrote down.
The Wedding Disco – 6 hours (roughly)

So it would be fair to say that at least half your day is based around the Disco, and would I be right to say you need a Disco that not only meets your expectations but exceeds them.

Wedding DJ Prices

While thinking of your budget and Wedding DJ Prices, Will any DJ do? the advantage you have as a Bride and Groom is you are actually looking at my website, quite alot of Wedding DJs are organised through the hotel, into a clearing house of ok Agency Discos, who are not paid very much for what they do, and as such have no real knowledge, care, planning of your event and don’t make it special.

I do. I care, I want to make sure YOU have the best time, the most memorable experience every step of the way and make it personal and special to YOU. Its YOUR big day and working with myself we can make it truly the best day of your life.

What I aim to achieve is by the end of the night for all your guests to think wow, that was something different, engaging, special and unique and at least make the Brides father cry because his daughter has had the best wedding day he could have ever hoped for.

Don’t accept a sub standard Wedding DJ charging “low cost or cheap Wedding DJ Prices”, Call me a Professional now on 07792 233440 and lets meet.

Or see my prices online at

Wedding DJ Prices