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Well today is the tale of events at the Wedding of Lindsay and Zachary Vine. Lovely couple who were married in Australia and renewed there vows in the UK 2 years later so the British family could be involved. They held there evening reception at the Copthorne Hotel in Salford Quays

Wedding DJ Salford

I fist met Lindsay 2 years ago, she is a party planner and have worked for her many times in the past.

She knew what I did and my “range” of what I am willing to do for my clients above and beyond what is considered to be a “normal DJ” and I naturally got the job as there Wedding DJ Salford.

For me this was one of those weddings that parts of it were excellent (the parts I organised) and parts of it were abit cringeworthy, (the parts they asked me for).

When doing client consultations, my job is to make sure the night is how you want it, I have an input but you have the final say so. i confirm things like “will your family love this or will they hate it”

Wedding DJ Manchester

Musically was where the problems started for me personally as a Wedding DJ Salford.

I added some moments with a game called the shoe game

This is great as an ice breaker in the early part of the evening.

The playlist consisted of Abba (great) Classic Rock (Great) 3-4 Metal/Hardcore tracks (ok we can get away with them if there are enough people in the room that are into it) Hed Kandi/Funky house (disaster as knowone but the groom liked it) and Classic hip hop, Again if there are enough people that like it then great it will work.

So, thats what I had to work from!!! Under usual circumstances we would dip our toe into the 80’s and 90’s and play some great tunes to aid the party. It was kind of a jump to era.

Also what didnt help the situation for a DJ is we like to mentally plan our night to whats best for the crowd, but on this occassion it was, Bride “My Sisters Leaving in 20 mins can we go into the metal” at the time I was in the 70s with a full dance floor and pretty much had to swap everything I had planned to build us up into metal, (i.e I would have gone in through classic rock to build it up properly and get the crowd motivated for it) and dive straight in.

After the Metal Zach the groom wanted to say a few words, and prompted me to go into house music, his house music, which unfortunately knowone knew.

To be fair its a good house tune, but its an Ipod Tune you may love it on your ipod but at your wedding you have to think will the majority love it.

Because we chopped and changed all night without ANY real core songs from any era, the night died quite quickly which was a shame.

The bride and groom were not disheartened but it kind of sends a message out to you all. A quality DJ can do a quality Job. You dont tell an electrician how to wire up your house so dont tell a DJ what music to play all night. We have a plan even though you might not think so..

To book a DJ who wanted to give you a great night, give me a call and lets talk but stop tying my hands behind my back otherwise I walk away feeling low, and so do you. A few of your favorite tracks and I can work your night around you..