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Today were going to be talking about another great Wedding DJ Skipton Event, the new Mr and Mrs Linyard booked me a while ago, as usual with weddings 12 months in advance you can usually find I am available, they were to hold there party at The Coniston Hotel, Coniston Cold, Skipton, North Yorkshire, BD23 4EA.

Wedding DJ Skipton

Before the date, me and Paul, had lots of conversations about the kind of thing they wanted for there wedding. Paul mainly said, I want some music for the girls, top 40 and take that etc, and some music for the lads, stone roses, clash, killers etc. Brilliant, the plans were laid, to me in the easiest way they possibly can, take not future bride and grooms, give a DJ a list of 100 songs and your night wont be as good as just a steer in the right direction. Contrary to popular belief good Wedding DJ Skipton, Like myself actually know what we are doing, its when you go down the cheap DJ route you have issues..

Typically, Booked for 7pm, so arrive at 5.30 and meet with Vicky the wedding planner for the day, what a lovely girl, we had a 5 min chat about, whats been happening during the day, what times things are planned for later on that day. I met with the Photography people, and videographer to discuss the finer details of the night planned ahead.

I had arrived at the wedding very early though, they were running late (as usual) and was told that I would be waiting round a couple of hours before I could get into the room to set up. So felt a little peckish and off to find somewhere I could get something to eat.

Back at the hotel, still had an hour to wait. Sat in the van reading my instruction manual of one of my new disco lights, riveting but now I know how to work them, (not that I didnt before with my experience of these fixtures)

Manage to get in the room as the Wedding DJ Coniston Hotel, and it was a very easy room to get access to fire exit, and van pulled up next to it, in and out, the perfect hotel for easy access for a DJ.

We kept the music quite young to begin with as Paul said alot of children and wanted them catered for, which meant Justin Beiber, Carly Ray Jepson, One Direction, JLS oh loved it. It came around to first dance time, they had chosen Adele – Make you feel my love, and wanted the guests to join in half way through, because the room was so packed it was hard to get dancers through the watchers but we managed.

We had about half an hour until the buffet and after the first dance, as a Wedding DJ Skipton, its my job to keep customers interested in having a good time on the lead up. So we played some nice feel good numbers and kept the dance floor packed, now I was led to believe the buffet was going to be sooner rather than later, and Paul had asked me for the Pogues, as Carmels Family has a bit of Irish in them. Which unfortunately cleared my dance floor and no buffet was in site. Argh it was late. So followed up with the shamrocks – tell me ma, and the room erupted, everyone was doing the irish jig and loving the cheesy element and had to follow that up with steps – 5678 and hermes house band – country roads and kept the all singing and dancing until buffet.

After the buffet we did the throwing of the bouquet and on with the party, the room did not stop dancing it was loads of fun and everyone had a great time, gave out loads of cards with promises of phone calls, job done, great night everyone loved the event wedding reception.

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