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Wedding Entertainment Southport

Greetings and welcome to my Wedding DJ Southport page. I am here to be of service and here to make your event the best it can be with YOUR help and input.

I am a Wedding DJ Southport who goes the extra mile to make sure you have that dream wedding reception entertainment. First things first we meet up, usually at your home, my home or a coffee shop and discuss your vision of your Wedding and what you would like your event to feel like, and what you want out of the biggest day of your lives.

Everyone has different perspectives of what they want and I want to realise yours. Then finding out all the information I can make suggestions and advise you through the process.

Wedding DJ Southport

What formalities there are, the traditions of certain aspects of your wedding day which you might already know, but more than likely most of my bride and grooms don’t know and find the meeting really helpful.

Wedding DJ Southport Wedding DJ Southport Wedding DJ Southport Wedding DJ Southport

The Finale as a Wedding DJ Southport, the end to a perfect wedding reception.

We then create your time-line of events capturing some of the moments we have talked about, you will have idea’s and I have made quite a few memories over the years for bride and grooms just like you which set the tone of your wedding to how you want it.

I don’t do Dull. Boring. un-interesting Weddings. I do FUN, UNIQUE & MEMORABLE ones.

Do DJ’s just play music? Not myself. Welcome to the experienced educated wedding entertainment specialist DJ Marketplace.

Call now to discuss your appointment on 07792233440 or alternatively use Wedding DJ Southport Contact Us Form and I will call you back. For more information on my Pricing please Click Here

It will be a pleasure being of service as your Wedding DJ and We’ll have a great time planning and preparing your finest moments.