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Wedding DJ Staining Golf Course

Prepare yourself for a long read, Mr & Mrs McKenzie hired me as their Wedding DJ at Staining Lodge Golf Course, nr Blackpool. It was a long day and we had planned loads, they required 2 x home visits both lasting 2 hours each to get to their final details of their perfect wedding.

Wedding Entertainment Staining Lodge

Well it all started via a singer called Sean Lonsdale, (a few people have been searching for Sean here is his website and here is his telephone number 07791482034) a Friend of mine on facebook, he is from my era of DJing and Entertaining but has moved into the singing side of things because that was what he always excelled at, where as I excelled at hosting and providing entertainment for all age groups to bring everyone together.

So Sean recommended me to Andy, Andy gave me a call and off I went to meet with them at home.

Wedding Entertainment Planning Blackpool

Andy and Lisa put the kettle on and we discussed plans that they had already made, they really had no idea about what to do and were very happy at me making suggestions based around their needs to make their wedding something special and unique.

While at the wedding meeting I found out about times of everything, Food, Buffet, Ceremony, Structure of the event and finish times.

I learned their personalities, Lisa was really party going, and Andy was very laid back and did not want much of a fuss making about certain aspects of the event.

They also required me to be their Wedding Master of Ceremonies and I happily took on the role.

Between us here is the Wedding Time Line I created for the event.

4pm – 4.30pm Guests Arrive for a drinks reception
4.30pm – Grand Entrance including 3 big entrances.
1st Groomsmen/Ushers/Best Man. Please put your hands together for the groomsmen Led by our Best Man Carey Baird (coming in to Right Said Fred I’m Too Sexy)
2nd Bridesmaids/Maid of honour Next its time to clap louder for the Bridesmaids led by maid of honour Tracey Dickens (Coming in to Aretha Franklyn – Respect)
3rd Andy & Lisa, with their family Jack & Poppy (coming in to Black Eye Pea’s I Gotta Feeling)
All the Bridal Party to the dance floor after their entrance – Then Into Speeches – A Man of few words please the man of today Andy (only Andy and Lisa Speaking)
Couple of Songs in-between speeches & cake cutting
5.15 Cake Cutting
5.30 – 6pm – Hog Roast
6pm – 7pm Childrens Entertainment (Balloon Games, Hula Hoops, Musical Bumps etc)
7pm – 8pm Meet & Greet Turning down the music & back to the social.
8pm – 8.55pm (More kids games, Scavenger Hunt, Musical Chairs, Dancing lessons and then into LIMBO for everyone getting the children and their parents up first, and then the rest of the room.
8.55 – Sit Down Game
9pm – 9.30 Buffet

First Dance, gathering guests around the dance floor & inviting guests half way through the dance. – Ben E King – Stand By Me
9.30-12pm PARTY (Music discussed, Traditional Wedding Disco Cheese, 70’s Greece, Hand Jive YMCA, 80’s Cheese Whitney Dolly Parton, Motown, Amy Winehouse Valary, 90’s Cheese PJ & Duncan, Steps, Sclub, Chesney, Rock DJ, Fresh Price, 80’s Alternative, Sugarhill Gang, Grandmaster Flash, the Jam 90’s Alternative James, Pulp, Blur, Oasis, Classic Rock, GNR, Bryan Adams, Bon Jovi, Queen, Meatloaf, Current Rock & Indie Killers, Sex on Fire etc) Finishing, First Dance, Hungry Eyes, Never Forget.

12pm Close for the Disco but remembering to let everyone know the bar is open for another hour and to relax as were not kicking them out.

Now best laid plans and all, haha, Nothing ever goes quite to plan hence why we add a bit more than what is needed because we can reduce on the day to fit in around the unplanned activities. i.e the photographer instead of taking 30 mins, taking an hour and a half to get the photos, food coming out late and all the other small things that happen on weddings.

Part of my role was Master of Ceremonies and making their grand entrance.

This was what we came up with for the introductions.

Ladies and Gentlemen may I please have your attention! Thank you all for joining us on this wonderful day, sharing Andy & Lisa happiest moment of their lives.

We do have one question though?

Are we all ready to have a good time?

Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls we have a few people outside this room waiting to enter!

Are you ready for Andy and Lisa’s Grand Entrance?

Well first up can we all please put our hands together for Andys Groomsmen, Led by the Best Man Carey!

(while the music is playing) We need all the boys to show how sexy they really are, all the men in the room lets see your sexy dancing!

Well, Now all the ladies are a little bit hot under the collar, its time to clap even louder now and welcome Lisa’s Bridesmaids Led by Tracey.

(while the music is playing) Girls we need your help, we need attitude, we need dancing show your man why he should respect you!

Ok, Wow and not everyone has entered the room yet!

Were missing the main event!

The reason everyone has took the day off work.

Thats a good enough excuse for everyone to please stand and cheer for your Bride, Groom and Family Please make some noise for the Mckenzies, Andy, Lisa, Jack and Poppy.

We did most things that were planned and had a great night.

I took a few photo’s and more will be added over time..

Wedding DJ Blackpool Wedding DJ Staining Lodge Wedding DJ Staining Lodge Wedding DJ Blackpool

Guests being welcomed

Wedding DJ Staining Lodge Wedding DJ Staining Lodge Wedding DJ Staining Lodge Wedding DJ Staining Lodge

Wedding DJ Staining Lodge, In Full Party Swing.

When you simply want a Man, who will do you proud on your wedding to do the job you want them to do! and when you want it fun unique and memorable. Call me. I am happy to be of service.