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Wedding Entertainer Stockport

The New Mr & Mrs Ambridge (Kevin and Katie) asked me to be there Wedding DJ in Stockport and provide the wedding entertainment Stockport at The Bluebell, Gee Cross, Hyde, a Joshua Bradley establishment. It was a fabulous and happy event and a pleasure to provide the evening entertainment as the Wedding DJ Hyde.

Becoming a Wedding DJ Stockport

There are three main ways that people are generally introduced to me. The first is a referral from a previous event or client, the second is through a wedding fair or trade show. The third is via the internet; my perspective clients will have done a google search for a quality wedding DJ in Stockport. Like many people reading this, Mr and Mrs Ambridge discovered me using the third method; through the magic of the internet. We organised their perfect wedding reception at the event mostly by e-mails going back and forth.

Booking a Wedding Entertainer Stockport

At the time of booking, Kevin was mostly worried about the potential football derby draw for the local teams, which just happened to be Manchester United and Manchester City. There was a possibility that the wedding would have been on the same day and he was concerned that I would be forced to cancel the gig for it. I, of course reassured Kevin that his wedding was far more important to me than a football match! Needless to say, most of his family were far more football crazy than me anyway!

Football seemed to be a reoccurring issue between the bride and groom; Katie is a Blue and Kevin is a Red. I can just imagine the banter on match day and wind ups in there house but enough of football on onto the Wedding Reception and Wedding DJ Stockport Story.

Preparing for Wedding Entertainment Stockport

As usual, when I am to attend as a Wedding DJ, I arrive quite early. I was due to start at 7pm but I pulled up at 5.30 to make sure I had enough time to set up. They had hired the Up-light DJ Booth so I needed to make sure I was prepared. When I got there, everyone was still eating, so my first job was to find the room manager which I did, he was called Riccardo (although he was not Italian as I had imagined!) He explained that the wedding was running overtime so I would have to hang around for half an hour. Back to the van I went to chill out with Radio 1 before the big night.

About half an hour later the food had finished but they were just about to start with the speeches. Back to the van I went to wait and clock watch some more. I don’t mind waiting, I would prefer to be there and be relaxed, knowing that I will be able to start setting up at the soonest opportunity.

After the speeches there was a run on fag time, while outside the best man (Joey) noticed me and we had a chat. He was doing a great job of being a best man; well, he definitely was in my books after he bought me a pint (good lad)! I also began chatting to the bride and groom. We had communicated before the event but only through the internet so it was nice to finally meet them. How much contact I have with a couple before the big day depends entirely on them. I am happy to help in any way I can leading up to the event but most couples are confident to trust my reviews and reputation and wait till the wedding to actually shake my hand!

They told me a rather harrowing story about a 50th birthday party where the DJ didn’t have such a great night. One of their friends (strangely called Bullet?), fell through the DJ booth and caused mayhem. He even managed to damage the DJ’s hard drive! Oops! They pointed “Bullet” out to me and I made sure to keep one eye on him all night! Even if the worst had happened, it wouldn’t have been a total disaster; I always carry a backup for everything. Nothing ends the night early when I DJ!

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The Bridal Tunnel

Wedding Disco Stockport – the actual event

By about 6.30pm we were ready to turn the room around so that the Wedding DJ Stockport could start. I brought my equipment in and it took me just under 45 minutes to fully set up. The guests were duly invited back into the room and the evening guests started to arrive. Kevin and Katie were able to meet their night guests as I was “playing to the kids”. As a Wedding DJ I always like to keep it nice and relaxed early on with lots of songs that can be danced to at any time of the evening, even with the kids about. I like to let them choose some of the songs for this part so they are as entertained as the adults. There is nothing worse than a child saying, I’M BORED over and over again. And after all; a happy child leads to a happy (and relaxed) parent.
We drifted through the earlier part into the evening quite nicely. The next big event was the cutting of the cake, in which I was directed by Pete the photographer (the best man’s father). He then led the Mr & Mrs Ambridge to the dance floor so we could ask their family and friends to stand around the edges to welcome them into the first dance of their married lives. The first dance song they had chosen was, Jason Mraz – I’m Yours. Half way through the song, we invited family and friends to dance too and share in Kevin and Katie’s Special Moment. After a huge round of applause, I went with some “feel good” songs to keep everyone dancing. I played songs like Bruno Mars – Just the Way you are (amazing) until it was time for the buffet. It is so nice that my job involves helping people to create such special memories. It is good experience; being a Wedding DJ Stockport.

The buffet lasted about thirty minutes, by this time it was 9.45; the perfect time to get the party really started. Katie had already provided me with a playlist. It was such a good list that I even used it as an example in my blog; Wedding DJ Playlist. It had an excellent variety of tunes on it that appeal to different groups and ages. As an experienced wedding DJ I know what works and what doesn’t; Katie’s list definitely works!

We started with a step back in time to the 70’s with some classic motown. From there I went neatly into the likes of Amy Winehouse and Adele with other funky new music like Cee lo Green and The Scissor Sisters. Once everyone was really in the mood for dancing I dropped a tune that will always go down a storm at a wedding; The Black Eyed Peas – I Gotta Feeling. Katie, Kevin and their guests were clearly having an amazing time.

As the Night progressed for me as the Wedding DJ Stockport, the dance floor remained packed and everyone was on top form! Katie and her mum came up to me at the end of the night to thank me for the perfect wedding disco, they said that they could not have faulted me on anything. A little later Kevin did the same.

I am so glad to have been part of the dream that made it perfect for them both, that’s the aim of my job, it’s what I strive to achieve at every single wedding disco I do.
It was a pleasure being Kevin and Katie’s Wedding DJ Stockport and providing them with Wedding Entertainment. I wish them a long and happy marriage and all the best for the future.

When you want someone to create your perfect wedding reception in Stockport or surrounding areas like Hyde, give me a call I am happy to be of service.