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Wow another Bride and Groom who appreciate the lengths I go to, to make your wedding the best wedding reception ever. Hired by Nick and Kerry Savage to act as their Master of Ceremonies, Wedding DJ Urmston, Wedding Entertainer and Wedding Host at Flixton House, Flixton Road, Urmston, Manchester M41 5GJ.

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Lets start off with how we met, they like most of you did not have a clue how to book a DJ or what even to look out for and what questions to ask, in this scenario I just give you all the information you need to know to make you feel confident and comfortable with me representing you at your Wedding.

Kerry first got in touch through the website, she had not read anything apart from Client Meeting. So we met up, I found out about them, how they met, what they wanted and their expectations of the event and I ran through things and we could do together.

In meetings and me as a person, I’m brutally honest with you, I don’t fluff about our job together is to make the best wedding dj manchester has to offer and bring you and your family together in the nicest way possible. This is done by the Wedding DJ element of my role and atmosphere creation.

We went onto the time line for the day and how I could come into play.

Flixton house like many others offer a HI-FI Service or Ipod Service to play your ceremony music. OK sit back, even if you have spent £1-3k on your wedding a IPOD is not appropriate,Spend all that money on the dresses, spend all that money on decoration and suits leading up to the excitement of your big day and you use an IPOD.. Behave rethink you need a Professional Music Player at the helm.

Ceremony Music DJ Manchester

If its not only for look, its for the other aspects, at a civil ceremony your not allowed religious music, what I do is I go through your song choice and 1) Put it in the right order no matter what the music choice is it needs to flow correctly, 2) Cue at the right place, for instance Madness – It must be love, the lyrics for it must be love don’t kick in for 45 seconds so using an ipod you would have already walked out of the room before the lyric’s kick in, 3)I go through all the lyric’s to make sure they fit in with the Registrars requirements and take it that one step further, print off and provide them with the lyric’s to view before the ceremony begins.

Have you ever been to a wedding reception where the registrar has told the IPOD to turn off as the song was in-appropriate? I have not but it does happen because they are that picky.

Not only am I of use for the ceremony music there are other elements which you might require too, 1) Recording of your VOWS! A nice keepsake I think you would agree, and 2) if you have no issues with the sound of your own voice, if you have ever been to a wedding row 3 backwards cant even hear what you are saying to each other! I can micraphone you and the registrar so the whole room can hear what you are saying.

Wedding DJ Urmston

So Wedding DJ’s Manchester just play music right??? Thats what they tell you because thats all they know, I take the game soo much further and better.

The Wedding of Kerry and Nick took me 5 hours just in research and studio time to get it right for them, with numerious e-mails back and forward.

Is a Wedding DJ Manchester’s Job just to turn up and play music at the night time, Thats what they tell you because thats what they know. Fortunately for me and you, you know different because I am here to help you through it all like Kerry and Nick.

Our Ceremony ended up like this, the clients were big R&B and Garage Fans so went very much that way..

Arrive 12pm to set up for the Ceremony
1pm-1.30 Grooms Choice
I got you babe – UB40
Three Little birds – Bob
Hold My Hand – Michael Jackson
Lets get married – Jagged Edge
Waterfalls – TLC
Say My Name – Destinys Child
Time after Time – Distant Soundz (UK Garage)

Before bride enters the Room, Vanessa Willinams, Save the Best for Last

Processional – Brandy – Have You Ever

Signing of the Register
Freddie Jackson – you are my lady
Luther vVndros – here and now

Recessional Next- Wifey

All that work before the Wedding Breakfast Manchester, Wow, I love it a good job done so far.

The Wedding Breakfast

Have you ever been to a wedding breakfast with background music? and just music only? BORING!!!!

What we did was a couple of things before and during the meal.

We had a superb grand entrance, personal to Nick and Kerry (Nick’s got a funny scence of humour) For them to enter the room not only did everyone have to be standing, but he wanted them all to stand on one leg, hop up and down and rub their bellies and heads at the same time haha. Whatever floats your boat.

During the meal we did the kissing game, one of thousands of ideas we can throw around this can be anything you would find fun but this time it was the traditional clinking of the glasses to get the bride and groom to kiss and boy did they have to kiss ALOT. I thought they were getting wound up at one time but it was all in good humour.

As well during the meal, we handed out the live guestbook, which is pieces of paper saying Advice and Suggestion for your Bride and Groom on their Wedding Day! and we ask such questions as “Top Tips for Marrage” etc

Wedding DJ Urmston Manchester

We read this out during the buffet later on.

Bear with it, at first the Bride and Groom were collecting the people from outside, it was a lovely sunny day as you would hope from a wedding in July. Later on you can see everyone engaging with it. Its a pity the battery ran out before the end of the readings.

Oh and I have forgotton to talk about the Wedding DJ Manchester Wedding Breakfast Music 🙂 Woops, As always we play during the wedding breakfast the soundtrack to the bride and grooms lives, starting from when they were children right the way through to current day announcing specific memorable moments.

Would you say thats better than a CD player with Amy Winehouses greatest hits or Rat Pack haha. I hope so.

After the Breakfast we cut the cake, its traditional to do it at this time and just wanted to get it out the way with, the bride and groom really were not into formalities, and just wanted to have a great time drinking and dancing.

After the cake it was onto speeches which I introduced everyone with a small but sweet/funny script.

After the speeches it was time for a break for the room to be turned around.

We then struggled to get people back in straight away as its was a hot day, so embraced this and played some great music.

It was then time for the buffet, a time when we could get the guests back in and took that oportunity to read out the living guestbook, as seen in the video above.

We then needed 15-20 mins to build the love in the room musically as earlier on we had a few people in dancing away to some Cheese for the kids and then a bit of UK Garage for the Bride and Groom. Had to go back to songs like, Andy Williams – Can’t Take My Eyes of You, Prince – The Most Beautiful Girl in the World, Byron Stringly – Your All That matters to me & Bill Withers/Groover Washington – Just the Two of Us, we gather all the guests around the dance floor holding hands or cuddling for the First Dance and welcome our bride and groom in with a big cheer.

half way through we invite the guests onto the dance floor, and from there to the end of the night we had a full dance floor (except twice when I played the wrong song, here and there, once was the brides choice and the next was my bad judgement, but when you only have 70 people and 30 are dancers they have to sit down at some point.

All in all it was the Best Wedding DJ Manchester role this year, I don’t do too many weddings a year max 40, because of the involvement and time I have to give to make it perfect for you.

If you want a wedding dj that is perfect for you call me.