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Welcome to my wedding video’s show off page.

Here you can hopefully see the difference between me and what is now seen as a Normal DJ. In my world i’m normal because I ignore the cheap jerseys wholesale industry around me and go with the flow for what you the customer wants me to do.

I have the skills, training and abilities to bring everything together the way you want it done, as well as playing a great selection of music too, which for proportions of your event we call it the soundtrack of your lives.

Starting with a Grand Entrance Video, The room manager usually does a knock and says “Ladies and Gentlemen Please be Upstanding for your bride and groom” BORING lets make it personal, this is how I made it personal for Tim and Helen, They also wanted afterwards a ice breaking game because they had sat people next to each other who did not know each other and after the game now they did and had something to talk about.

Or an alternative version for a Multicultural Wedding Grand Entrance, Not much time to plan it as I would have made suggestions to make it feel more carnival (including flags and beads) which was what they were going for.

During the Wedding Breakfast there is a massive lul, so I fill that lul with things, This is called the Live Guestbook, We hand out pieces of paper with Advice and Suggestion for your Bride and Groom on their wedding day with questions such as “How to Have a Long and Happy Marrage I would” and then later on in the day we read the best out.

Bear with this video as at the start the Bride and groom are gathering guests from the outside as its a hot day, its a pity the camera ran out before the end of the presentation.

Another Cheap Jerseys Specialty of mine is a Game Called the Shoe Game or Mr & Mrs or the Newly Wed Game.

Its great fun for you and your guests.

And again

A Special First Dance Sharing the Love which the Bride and Groom wanted on this occasion. A lovely Multi Cutural Event with a English Groom and Ukranian Bride.

We had an occasion where the bride wanted to do a wind up for the groom.

We called it the True or Porky Pie Game and I managed to get custom Voice-overs from Peter Dickson the Voice of the Xfactor.

Another Game we have done is the Sit Down Game, Graham Norton used to do it before his show many years ago, I borrowed the format and made it useful for weddings, its a great laugh and everyone has loads of fun doing it, I also did it as the ice breaker for the game after the Grand Entrance.

I have had a couple of Weddings where they wanted games, but not normal wedding games, Childrens Games for Adults. It really is up to you, you guide me to your ideal wedding scenario and I am the performer and action-er of it this was Musical Chairs for the whole nba jerseys sales room.

And then we had Limbo (I have upgraded the limbo since to a metal professional one)

Another event had children and wanted to include some other things. Hula Hooping, Dancing with them all, it all aided having a superb time for them.

So its your event, and we can make it anything you want it to be. You dont have to follow the boring rubbish that wedding DJs have become. Lets be individual and personal.

Call me above.

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