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Sit back and ask yourself what you want from a Wedding DJ! Do you want a Wedding DJ who fills your dance floor? A Wedding DJ who plays great music? A Wedding DJ who will play YOURS and your guests Requests? Or More? I provide all options and fit very well into the more category. I help provide you with Memories with your entertainment. The areas I cover are Lancashire, Manchester, Merseyside, Cheshire and Cumbria. I do travel further afield but some times it is not feasible for either of us because during your time leading up to your event we will ideally meet 2-3 times.

Wedding DJ

To truly get to grips with what you want, its important for me to come and visit you, sit down with a cup of coffee and have a chat about what you want. I understand it is the biggest day of your lifes and care about the performance on the day. I like to find out what you need and what to make your dreams of the perfect Wedding Reception DJ and Disco happen. Then I will show you what I can do, the kind of memories and emotion and engagement that it will bring to your wedding reception and how we can make it unique to you and your guests would never have been to one of my weddings before.

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Rocking as a Wedding DJ

People don’t truly see what a Professional Wedding Entertainment Planner and DJ can bring to a event because know one except myself and a few others over the united kingdom actually do this kind of thing and not one of us does it the same way. You more than likely wont have been to an event like it, and don’t know it exists. I am unique and so can your special day.

What can be included, Anything that you feel would make your day have that little bit extra, this can be from games such as the shoe game, to custom intro’s for the bridal party from anyone such as yourself to famous voice over’s, it could be you might want silly games, space hopper races, or kids games for adults, musical chairs, limbo etc.

Whatever you want, I can achieve. I am the actioner, the idea’s man, the implimentor all to make sure your wedding is all it can be. Dont waste your time with an OK disco, have the DJ Richard Porter experience and make it all it can be.

The aim of the day is to cater for everyone, everyone will take something different away from your day that would have made it special for them. All eyes are on you, and you are central attraction and lets make it a fun, exciting and engaging one.

I only take on 40-45 Wedding DJ jobs a year, I don’t work another Wedding the day before your event, because with the amount of time and effort that goes into every wedding reception I do, I would be physically tired and that is not fair on anyone’s wedding day, me not being 100%.

Get in contact with me now, book your FREE meeting, and put the kettle on.

At the meeting I wont “sell to you” I wont make you sign anything or anything like that, its just an informal chat about you, and about what I can do for you. I will then save your date for a couple of weeks for you to decide if I am the man for your job.

Please have a look at my blog post, on my origins as a wedding DJ and see for yourself certain elements that could be added to your event. Between us we could have 50+ ideas and have to streamline that to get to the right formula for your big day.

It will be a pleasure to be of service, I will do a fantastic job for your event and we will all have a great time.

Dont delay and call me today lets bring the magic to your wedding reception.