What is all day wedding entertainment?

What is the benefit of hiring all day wedding entertainment?

In this post we will be looking at the benefits of hiring all day wedding entertainment. But firstly, we need to establish what all day wedding entertainment actually entails; a professional wedding DJ specialist will offer you a package that includes the ceremony, wedding breakfast, and the all-important night time reception party. Which should include; A peace of Mind Wedding Day. They should be able to provide, a Brainstorming session to discover your needs and wants looking into the ways to achieve your goals and making suggestions on how to get the best desired result which includes, entertainment planning and time line creation to make your day organised and run smoothly.

Wedding ceremony

Give your wedding atmosphere from the very beginning 

Music is an important part of a ceremony, it is an opportunity to set the tone of the day and stamp your individuality on the most romantic aspect. If music can be so influential during the ceremony then why trust a CD and a CD player? Will it be loud enough? Will it skip? Will the quality of the music be good enough? Many hotel venues will offer a generic CD that they play for other people’s weddings. Before you jump at the opportunity to get this job crossed off the “to do” list, ask yourself if you really want your wedding to be generic?

Specialist wedding DJ’s are experts in this field, when you hire one to perform at your ceremony you are not hiring someone to play the YMCA and get everyone up dancing, a good DJ can use music to create a variety of different atmospheres; if you want your ceremony to be engaging, personal and warm then consider hiring a professional wedding DJ.

A subtle service will be provided and the DJ will work in partnership with the venue. One of the most important things you will get from a specialist wedding DJ is professional advice. Hotels are not experts in music and even when couples are given some choice, they are not guided decisions made with professionals. They usually only ask for four songs which leaves blank awkward spaces in the ceremony.

A specialist wedding DJ will advise you in making the following selections;

  • 8 songs before the bridal entrance
  • 1 song indicating the Brides entrance will follow
  • 1 song for the Bridal entrance (Processional)
  • 4 songs for signing the register
  • 1 exit song (Recessional)

Once you have seen the incredible difference a DJ can make in a ceremony you would never again consider getting married without one!

Wedding Breakfast Entertainment

Keep up the good work

The wedding breakfast is a time of good food, good service good company, it is the time that you and your guests begin to settle into the joys of the day. Hire a specialist wedding DJ as a master of ceremonies and allow yourself to enjoy your bespoke and seamless event.

If your wedding is being hosted in a hotel, it is doubtful that the subject of music will even be discussed. The venue will simply do their usual trick of putting on the same CD they do for all weddings. It will not be personal to you or your guests and runs the risk of allowing a cold atmosphere to develop.

Your specialist wedding DJ on the other hand knows the value of music and will spend time in advance discussing it with you. They understand what works in this scenario but will most importantly listen to you and your preferences to create a playlist that is perfect and personal to the occasion.

The DJ can also facilitate important aspects like the speeches. They are trained and experienced in public speaking and are able to professionally bring the attention of your guests to the speakers; introducing the first and thanking the last. They can also support the speech makers, providing them with microphones and allowing them the opportunity to practice prior to their moment in the spot light.

Other aspects that the wedding specialist DJ can help with are the cake cutting ceremony and seamlessly moving from the breakfast to the next stage of the day.

The evening reception

Let’s get the party started

The last part of the day is of course the evening reception; if you have hired the DJ all day then this is a smooth transition. Professionals will meet up with you prior to the event; they will discuss how they can be of assistance on the big day in more ways than being a glorified CD player. They can help you to put together a flexible playlist, organise and advice you on the first dance and get you to think about how you want the evening to end.

The wedding DJ specialist can interact with your guests, facilitate games for children and adults, organise events like the live guestbook and play the right tunes at the right times to get your guests off their seats and onto the dance floor.

Wedding Entertainment planning

Preparation, preparation, preparation

Some people will make the decision to hire a wedding planner and they certainly have their place but wedding planners tend to be fantastic designers with a keen eye for aesthetics. What they are not experts in is entertainment. The concept of entertainment planning is completely different and requires an expert in the field. What better expert can you find than your wedding specialist DJ? A wedding planner also won’t necessarily be there on the day, if you hire a wedding entertainment specialist all day then they will be able to make sure everything goes to plan throughout the event, leaving you free to relax and enjoy the best day of your life.